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The FEMEBA foundation was created in 1994. Since then, it has carried out various activities related to continuing education, from a health and social perspective. For this work we have the invaluable collaboration of prestigious friends at the National and International Level.

The Social Question Forum, the Bioethics Commission, the Editorial FEMEBA, the Pharmacology area, and the Palliative Care area, these last two with more than two decades of experiencie, complement the wide teaching offer of the FEMEBA Institute whose classrooms already pass more than a thousand students per year.

Nevertheless, we took on the great challenge just over two years ago , when the idea of founding a simulation center was taking shape and after a huge financial effort and as a result of the joint work of an exceptional team, this idea came true.

Give value to our old headquarters after more than seven years unocuppied, and develop our simulation center hear, it is a dream come true that happen in difficult times in wich our doctors go through great vicissitudes, for this reason we trust that they will find in INSPIRE a space that they feel is theirs and that allows them to train with the best and most modern existing tools. 

Our Quality and Patient Safety program will find a strong ally and an invaluable tool at INSPIRE Simulation Center FEMEBA, that will undoubtedly collaborate in everything related to the incorporation of knowledge and skills in the field of health, not only for our doctors, but also for many other professions and activities directly or indirectly related to health sector.       

The most important Simulation Center of the country and one of the best in Latin America for infraestructure and resources, has its doors open to all those who make up the different institutions and entities related to medical sciences.

We renew our commitment to the community, the health sector, and doctors in particular, and we are committed to carrying out new projects that contribute to their well-being.


INSPIRE is an acronym , and collect the characteristics that a learning facilitator should have, wich in spanish are: Inteligente, Nutritivo, Socrático, Progresivo, Innovador, Reflexivo y Estimulante.

        |   NUESTRO EQUIPO

        Juan Ignacio Cobián

        Academic Advisor                     

        Juanchi es esposo de Daniela, padre de Inés y de Ana. Es un cirujano bahiense formado en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires que además realizó un Fellow en Simulación Clínica Avanzada en la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria de Madrid junto a su amigo y maestro, Salva. También es un cocinero aficionado y timonel de yate a Vela.


        Sandro Scafati


        Sandro is the representative of the center before the executive board of FEMEBA. He is Consultant Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, President of the General La Madrid Medical Circle and Councilor of the Xa FEMEBA Circumscription.


        María Magdalena Aprea

        Referente del Programa de Emergencia, RCP y Trauma

        Se llama María Magdalena, pero todos le dicen Lili. Es Médica, y dedico toda su carrera a la medicina de urgencia y emergencia.

        Actualmente es la Directora del Instituto Superior FEMEBA (IBF) y facilitadora del área de Trauma y Emergencia.  Cree que el aprendizaje por simulación es un avance invalorable para los equipos de salud y la comunidad en general.


        Carina Yafar

        Coordinadora Académica

        Cari es nuestra Médica Pediatra; quien actualmente se desempeña como Médica asistente en la terapia intermedia polimodal del Hospital de niños Sor María Ludovica de La Plata, Docente en la Cátedra A de Pediatría en la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas de la UNLP y coordina todas las actividades académicas de nuestro Centro; es el corazón de la pediatría.


        Rocío Gamberoni

        Referente del Programa Salud de la madre

        Ro es Licenciada en Obstetricia.

        Se desempeña como Profesora Adjunta de la cátedra de Obstetricia Clínica en la UNLP y es quien coordina junto al equipo de obstetras todas las experiencias clínicas simuladas referentes a las emergencias obstétricas y la atención del parto.


        Fernanda Retes

        Referente del Programa de Enfermería

        Fer es nuestra Licenciada en Enfermería y Directora de la Tecnicatura Superior en Enfermería del Instituto Superior FEMEBA.

        Trabajó en el Servicio de Neonatología del Hospital Sor María Ludovica, hasta que se jubiló y desde ese momento se dedica a la Simulación y a la capacitación de las familias de los niños internados en la unidad de terapia intensiva y neonatal antes del alta.


        Mercedes Bakker

        Coordinadora del Creative Lab

        Mechi es Miramarense, estudia Licenciatura en Biotecnología y Biología molecular en la UNLP y Desarrollo Web. Se encuentra a cargo de nuestra Start up creativa. 


        Gabriela Gorza

        Simulation Technician                     

        Oriunda de Bahía Blanca, Técnica en Marketing y estudiante de UX/UI. Gaby nos acompaña desde el inicio de INSPIRE y es quien se encarga del aspecto técnico detrás de la simulación (manejo de simuladores de alta, mediana y baja complejidad). Paralelamente, controla que nuestras áreas de simulación estén adecuadamente equipadas para vivir al máximo la experiencia INSPIRE.


        Federico Di Paolo

        Administrative Coordinator

        Coordina y gestiona los recursos para llevar a cabo todas nuestras actividades.


        The FEMEBA foundation promotes scientific development, and since its beginning it was put at the service of professionals in the health area, proposing continuing education as an essential aspect for the improvement of the actors in the sector. In the last two decades, it has developed teaching, research and extension activities, aimed at medical professionals and non-medical personnel dedicated to health.

        Education is considered a fundamental pillar to produce changes that benefit the health of the population. In this sense, with the experience that the FEMEBA Foundation has as a central actor in the field of health sciences in the province of Buenos Aires, as of 2012 it has been dedicated to organizing the FEMEBA INSTITUTE (FI).

        The Medical Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires is a non-profit Civil Entity and voluntary second degree afilliation. It contains 111 Primary Entities with scope in 119 of the 135 municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires, and integrates the Permanent Special Commission for Hospital Careers.

        Since its creation, FEMEBA has promoted and implemented actions related to health coverage and medical care, through agreements with social works, having developed a true speciality in the matter, being the largest organization providing medical services in the country. In that same sense, FEMEBA has been pioneer in the promotion of labor standards for social security and is the organization with the most experience in managing health services, and the one that has introduced the most modern innovations in the matter.