The plan offers to the collegue a continuous training platform based on supervised clinical practice through an educational contract, using the model of collaboration with peers and guided participation, with reflection on practice and portfolio beeing the used tools.



The initial assessment to do the PLP is made a through diagnostic OSCE and based on the information obtained and the personal interview with an assessment of the performance context and perceived needs.


The program will last one year and will be structured in four cycles of three months each.


It will have as components, activities based on practice, structured in specific courses, contact with the collaborator-mentor pair, and activities in the personal learning environment.

STAGE I - Diagnostic                 

  • OSCE

  • Interviews

  • Plan Design

  • Mentor Assignment

STAGE II - Developing                 

  • Virtual Portfolio

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Workchops

  • Advanced Clinical Simulation

  • Patient safety

  • Reflection with the mentor

STAGE III - Evaluation                 

  • Feedback

  • Final Conclusion